Saturday, June 8, 2013

June 8 – Medora, ND

The National Cowboy Hall of Fame tells the stories of cowboys, ranchers, pioneers and Indians that made North Dakota their home.  Rodeo evolved from skills necessary for cattle ranching.  We enjoyed explanations of rodeo events and seeing the gear that the cowboys used and the prizes that they won.    

North Dakota experienced several land rushes when homesteaders came from around the world to claim their free land.  In 1841, 1862 and in 1873 Congress offered land in exchange for back breaking labor, building shelter, planting crops and staying five years.  Second sons from countries like Great Britain and Norway considered this a good deal.  North Dakota became a prosperous wheat producing region - 27, 000 farms harvesting 40 million barrels annually.  By 1915 another 250,000 settlers came seeking the “farmers last frontier”.  The Golden Age of Agriculture satisfied the demand for farm products as more people moved to the cities.

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