Sunday, August 4, 2013

August 4 – Yellowstone

Rainbow colors, hissing steam and pungent odors greet your senses in Porcelain Basin which is part of the  Norris Basin.

Geologic events such as earthquakes cause changes each year at Norris Geyser Basin.  New hot springs and geysers appear and others become dormant.  Norris is the hottest and most acidic of Yellowstone’s hydrothermal areas.

Hot springs are superheated water that cools as it reaches the surface then recirculates.

 Fumaroles, steam vents, are the hottest surface feature emitting only steam.

Mudpots form when acid decomposes surrounding rock to clay, which combines with water to form mud.  Gases bubble and burst through the mud making plopping sounds.

Mammoth Hot Springs is a travertine hill created over thousands of years by calcium carbonate being deposited by the hot spring.  It is beautiful!

We have enjoyed traveling with Kathy on this wonderful adventure.  Unfortunately she is returning to her home at this point.  Safe travels and thanks for the memories!

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