Friday, September 27, 2013

Niagara Falls, NY – September 23-27

Niagara Falls, Paul’s hometown, is a frequent stop on our travels.  This Wonder of the World is spectacular to see every time, the sound of the water and the rising mist create a magnetic pull to the water’s edge.  There are so many ways to view the Falls.  The deck of the Maid of the Mist is guaranteed to be wet.  As the boat approaches the bottom of the Falls and you feel the cool spray.  We enjoy the view from Canada for a panoramic view of the American and Horseshoe Falls.  Then at night there are the colored lights!  

Welland Canal connects Lake Erie and Lake Ontario circumventing the Falls for ship traffic between the Atlantic Ocean and Lake Superior.  The vessels primarily transport grain, coal and iron ore.  It was fun to watch the ships inch into the canal riding high above our heads with only inches to spare on each side. The gates close, the water is pumped out and the ship lowers with the water level.  When lake level is reached gates on the other end open and the ship continues to its destination.  There are currently eight locks to span the canal.

We also look forward to visits with Betsy’s family in Amherst and Hamburg when in the area.  Travel tales are shared and we catch up on where all the cousins and their children are these days.
It’s always fun to go home!

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