Wednesday, July 10, 2013

July 10 - Walk on the Wild Side

Hiking is a favorite activity in the Canadian Rockies.  Tilly hats and walking sticks are part of the hiker's uniform as they set out to climb mountains and ford streams. We opted for the HooDoo trail that started at our campground and was fairly level and short.  It was a blue sky day and we enjoyed the scent of pine in the air.  Kathy is great at spotting wildlife. There was a male deer with his antlers covered in velvet.

 A bit  farther there was a bear!!  What now? We stopped, giving her lots of space.  She obliged us with a picture and then ambled off. WOW!  It was a black bear in search of berries as this is their time to fatten up before winter.

  We had a great walk and did find the hoodoos, they are stone pillars left behind by erosion.  We also found a beautiful view of the Bow River.

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