Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 9 – Lake Louise

Lake Louise is an emerald lake at the base of the Victoria glacier. It is magnificent!  People from around the world come to see the lake named after Queen Victoria’s daughter.  The color of the lake results from the glacial flour or silt, deposited as the glacier melts.  We had a lovely walk along the shore of the lake trying to capture all the different views with our cameras.  It is a scene you must see in person! 

This is the site of the Fairfield Lake Louise Chateau built by the Canadian Pacific Railroad in 1890.  What began as a simple log cabin has developed into a grand luxury hotel that hosts visitors from the railway as well as royalty and movie stars.  Gardens surround the buildings and add to the awesome view.  Our lunch on the terrace was greatly enhanced by the beauty surrounding us!

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