Saturday, July 6, 2013

July 6 – Evening Show

The word for the evening was Extravaganza!  We didn’t know what to expect when the stage was set up where we had earlier watched the rodeo.  Then we couldn’t believe all that we were seeing. 

  The Young Canadians started the show with music and dancing celebrating the group’s 45th anniversary.

   We were treated to Cirque de Soeil style aerobatics by a Chinese troupe that flew through the air.  An opera singer sang to the balcony level when she floated into the arena.

  The variety of performers was amazing, First Nation hoop dancers, a Philharmonic violinist, ballet performed to Elton John’s music, and fireworks.  Oh by the way KISS stopped by to “rock and roll all night”!

 We left the show in amazement. It truly was an extravaganza.

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